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Creating one of a kind flavor experiences

We manufacture all of our chocolate in house ourselves in order to bring out the most flavor from each ingredient, creating fresh batches of homemade chocolate for you to enjoy. 


'Bean to Bar' means that rather than working with mass-produced pre-made chocolate couverture, we make our own chocolate using raw ingredients. We begin with the cacao bean and finish with a chocolate bar. This requires more time and effort, but it gives us a fresher chocolate. It also allows us flexibility to new create chocolate varieties.


Here's our process --> We import premium expertly fermented cacao beans that have a unique genetic profile. We then roast the cacao in order to bring the most flavor followed by cracking the beans open to separate the inner portion (nib) from the outer husk. The cacao nibs are added into a melanger together with other ingredients before the chocolate is removed, aged slightly, and then tempered into shiny bars for you to enjoy.


To learn more about how we manufacture small batch artisanal chocolate, join us in our factory. Simply send us a message and we will provide you with recommended dates and times for a visit.

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